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Welcome to ClearCourse. We’re incredibly proud to have Trillium as part of our group within our Platforms division.

We formed ClearCourse in 2018 with investment from New York-based private equity firm Aquiline to build a portfolio of complementary software and solutions alongside our own integrated payments platform (ClearAccept) and professional service businesses.

Our headquarters are in London, whilst our brands are located throughout the UK from Glasgow to Southampton and East Anglia to Bristol. These market-leading software businesses form our five divisions across several verticals, with our integrated payments platform, ClearAccept, intrinsic throughout the organisation.

We have a team of 700+. As a result of our fast-paced and significant growth, we’ve recently appointed our first Chief People Officer (CPO), who will further build on our commitment and responsibilities to our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. Working better together is central to everything we do and aim to achieve. Each time we add a new business, such as Trillium, we’re adding a great team alongside new ideas and innovation.

Our collective and combined vision and mission are to build a brilliant software and payments business with the best people and products, and by integrating our software and payments platform will enable us to deliver the best solution for our customers. 


Our ClearCourse FAIR™ Corporate Values

We seek out innovation and continually strive for progress.

We are approachable, and we communicate with respect and empathy.

We will always do what we believe to be the right thing.

We’re accountable for ourselves, each other and our organisation.


To find out more about ClearCourse or learn more about our approach and ethos, please visit

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