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Institute of Practitioners in Advertising case study

Delivering enhanced member value through engagement scoring


We enabled the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising to use data to demonstrate the value of membership to both existing and prospective members, driving proactive recruitment and retention, and creating advocates of their 220+ member organisations.

The IPA has represented most of the UK’s leading advertising, media and marketing services agencies for over 100 years. They provide their 200+ member agencies with a wide range of services, benefits and knowledge to help boost their business performance.

Attrition for 2019 down 26% (compared with 12-year average)
360° view of members and their interaction with services
Enabled personalisation of value-for-money reporting
Enabled improvement of member offering

We recognised the problem

We had been generating a lot of member data across multiple platforms, but the process of reporting and using data insights was manual and onerous. Only our CRM manager had access to the data, and we had no easy way of seeing an overview of a member agency’s engagement with our services.

We needed a solution that would bring everything together and enable us to effectively apply our 365° member engagement strategy, where data insights are used to enhance member value and demonstrate this to members at every stage of the member life cycle.


Why we chose Trillium

In addition to having a deep understanding of the membership sector, Trillium combine Dynamics 365 technical expertise with the strategic approach required to truly optimise our technology.

We knew we needed a partner that could offer this range of knowledge and support to take our member data optimisation to the next stage.


The solution

Trillium designed and implemented our Dynamics 365 CRM solution, website and member portal, which simplified and streamlined our data management processes. Part of Trillium’s Membership Accelerator is the Engagement Scoring solution. They worked with us to configure an approach to attributing value to data collected on individual member activity.

By collecting and collating insights relating to member behaviour, we could take control of our member relationships and demonstrate ROI to key decision makers within each member agency.

Key benefits

Every year, we send each of our member agencies a personalised value-for-money report, employing data to demonstrate the benefits of their membership. The creation of these reports has been drastically simplified, improving operational efficiency, and providing us with a single source of truth that underpins our 360°-member engagement strategy.

Additionally, the ability to easily access these insights at any time enables us to take proactive action to improve services and identify 'at-risk' members. This has had a direct impact on our member retention, significantly reducing attrition.

Working with Trillium was straight forward and easy due to their open and transparent approach, which gave me the trust needed that they would deliver - which they did.

Jason Pittock, Associate Director of Digital Strategy

Institute of Practitioners in Advertising


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