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A Digestible Guide to the Charity Digital Code of Practice

A Digestible Guide to The Charity Digital Code of Practice

The principles of the Charity Digital Code of Practice and things you can do, all on a single web page.
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6 Not for Profit sector Microsoft Dynamics CRM myths debunked

There are a lot of misconceptions around Microsoft Dynamics CRM and it's relevance in the NFP sector. We debunk a few here.
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Frustrated with your current Microsoft  Dynamics  CRM Platform?

Feel like you've wasted lots of time, budget and resources? Download our Dynamics CRM eBook. 

What are the future digital challenges for the NFP Sector?

Watch Alan sharing his insights on how the NFP sector can do more for less and how Trillium can help. 

Why Sitecore is the perfect website tool for Charities Ebook 

Download our free, in-depth guide explaining how Sitecore can help charities deliver more for less.
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Free data, digital and cheese & wine tasting event , 24th April 2019

We've joined up with dotdigital to create a free event to help you get the most out of your CRM and email platforms.

Memcom 'Leading into the Future' Conference & Awards, 20 June, London

Join us for a day of membership thought leadership and an evening showcasing the progressive work in the sector.
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Membership Excellence 2019 Conference, Thursday 2 May, London

Join us at the UK's largest membership focused national conference. Read the full programme details here:
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Ominchannel Marketing for membership organisations and charities

Discover the future of member and donor experience in our Omnichannel ebook, written in collaboration with dotmailer

Digital Excellence 2019 Research & Benchmarking Report

The current digital trends for membership organisations , including objectives, challenges, development and progress.

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