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Experience Matters

It is the day to day experience of your members and donors that determines how engaged they are with you.

We will deliver the right combination of strategy, digital and CRM to improve every aspect of their experience by enabling you to better identify, understand, manage and track relevant member interactions.

This strengthens their engagement and loyalty, encourages acquisition and drives retention. As sector experts we will create the best strategies to ensure that your members always have a seamless and personalised experience that optimises your resources efficiently and ensures you and they achieve their objectives.

Deborah Jarvis

Trillium are experts at not only the technical aspects of what they do, but the business and people elements too.

Deborah Jarvis, LCCI


We stay at the forefront of innovation and reliability by using only technology platforms that have been through our rigorous selection process. We then also use them in our own business. Integrating these different technologies to create effective user experiences is one of our key strengths.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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