Building trusted relationships

Our clients trust us because we fully immerse ourselves in all aspects of their organisations. This ensures we understand your unique needs and can identify and challenge legacy thinking and introduce fresh ideas. "It’s great because you’re being told by the experts that you’re doing something wrong".

"You didn’t just give us what we wanted" is one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from clients. We believe it’s one of the key things that makes us different.

Many of our clients describe us as an extension of their own team. Using this consultative approach, we ensure organisational buy in and project success. We want to be your partner, not just your supplier.

Trillium didn’t just focus on the IT elements, as many suppliers do, but on the importance of taking our internal users on the journey with them
Wendy Steele AOP

Our approach

To digitally transform you need an overarching strategy, and an engaging user experience, all supported by the related systems. We call this the “Power of 3” .

Our belief and expertise in the Power of 3 (Digital, Strategy and Systems), enables us to support our clients through their end to end digital transformation, or with an individual element of it. Your members are always at the heart of all of our solutions and combined with the Power of 3, we will not only deliver exceptional results but ensure your experience of the project process is positive. Over the past seven years, we have evolved a project approach that ensures success.

This approach is respectful of your organisation and responds to your objectives, focusing on delivering value. We challenge your processes to test their durability, offering new insights that you should expect from an experienced partner. We use agile methodologies where applicable, taking a common-sense approach wherever needed. As no two projects are the same, it would be foolish to assume that one project approach will work all the time. We adapt where needed but stay true to the core of what we know works. Just ask our clients.


We believe in employing “mind sets - not skill sets” and that includes nurturing potential and cultivating talent.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Project Manager
Scrum Master
Dynamics 365 Developer
Umbraco Developer
QA Engineer


Contact us to find out more about current opportunities.


ClearCourse Partnership 

Trillium is part of ClearCourse Partnership, a group of innovative technology companies providing membership software to SMEs and organisations.

The ClearCourse platform provides us with enhanced integrated software opportunities, payment capabilities and strategic and product guidance, allowing us to offer our customers the best software and client service possible.

 Visit the ClearCourse website or read the press release to find out more.
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