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This month, Trillium turned ten years old. It's been an amazing journey for us, from a two-man team to almost sixty strong.

In the last decade, we've had the opportunity to work with some inspiring organisations to transform the way they support their members, donors and fundraisers. 

We've also grown as a company, both in numbers and capability. We're so proud to still be here, and of what we've achieved with our clients. 

So on our tenth birthday, that’s really what we’re celebrating. Ten years of working with our clients to deliver outstanding experiences. And, as we know, experience  matters.

Here’s to the next ten!

Coming soon

Trillium's brand evolution

In ten years, our brand has evolved to represent the organisation we've become. We're excited to say that the next evolution is just around the corner. Keep an eye out for the reveal of our updated look in the next few months.