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Do you know which of your members are engaged and why?

Tracking and measuring your members’ interactions provides vital insights that will inform your membership strategy. Engagement scoring enables you to understand which aspects of your service and communications are working (or not) and for who. This webinar will enable you to understand how to clearly demonstrate the value you provide your members in a way that supports both member retention and recruitment.


Date: Wednesday 28 April

Time: 09:30-10:30

Location: Online

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  • What is engagement scoring?
    • Creating a strategy and knowing what (and what not to) measure
  • Why should you use engagement scoring?
    • How identifying the value of your members can improve your value proposition.
    • Defining the different types of value
    • How it can improve communication
  • How the IPA uses engagement scoring (case study)
    • Hear how they used engagement scoring to enable in depth member insights that reduced attrition and increased recruitment
  • Engagement Scoring solution demonstration
    • Understand the potential of the tools and how to use them with our practical demonstration
  • Q&A
Alan Perestrello
Webinar host

Alan Perestrello, Co-Founder & Director

Alan ensures that our clients’ experience matters. He’s an expert in delivering digital transformation by creating trusted and transparent relationships, teams and strategies.

Alan is dedicated to putting people and strategy before technology. He believes that the success of any technical project is dependent on this approach.

About Trillium

We specialise in supporting membership organisations and charities to build strong relationships with their stakeholders, provide better experiences and increase member and supporter value.

By bringing together strategy, digital and CRM, we deliver useful and engaging interactions. We transform the entire user experience, adding value both for organisations and their members and supporters.