Optimising your resources

Membership organisations generally understand the need for the CRM and website engagement platforms we provide.

However, often there aren’t the strategies in place to fully utilise them. Whether your focus is on retention, acquisition or both, you need a clear member marketing and communications strategy to inform and fully leverage the tools that deliver your member experience.

We can provide you with flexible, specialist membership marketing guidance on areas that you may struggle with resourcing internally, or would simply like a little extra guidance on.

We’ll help you with:

Fully leverage the tools that deliver your member experience

Membership/donor Strategy

Personas, value proposition, models and life cycle

Communication Strategy

Consolidated acquisition and engagement plans

Content Strategy

Useful, useable, engaging, targeted content

Search Engine Marketing

Increasing site visitors and reducing bounce rates

Social Media Strategy

Digital visibility, lead generation and advocacy through dialogue

Data Use and Management Strategy

Target, tailor, track and report effectively, insightfully and legally.

Stakeholder engagement

Internal/external communications and change management

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