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Member experience matters

Our specialist knowledge of your sector means we can help you with the challenges and ambitions unique to membership organisations, chartered institutes, associations, regulatory & awarding bodies and trade unions.

Meaningful member acquisition, retention and engagement will only be achieved if every member interaction with you is a consistently valuable, simple and intuitive experience.

Membership organisations are under pressure to stay relevant as members increasingly bring their digital consumer experience expectations to their professional lives. Those that feel trapped by compulsory memberships are also far more likely to do damage by sharing their complaints if these expectations aren’t met.

You need your members to join (and stay) because they want to, not because they feel they have to.

We will help you do this:

Membership services

The Trillium Membership service portfolio provides options for managing any aspect of your membership experience, engagement and life-cycle.

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"We have vastly improved the relevancy and timing of our [member}communications. We now provide the right support at the right time of their career."

Wendy Steele AOP


Give your members the right support at the right time to help them develop their careers and encourage them to engage with you and progress up your membership grades.

Managing all interactions, at any stage of the membership life cycle, is simple and understandable for anyone who uses our platform including:

  • Quickly process new member applications
  • Easily amend and track your members’ personal and professional details grade/band and activity status
  • Manage individual and/or corporate memberships
  • Quickly run annual or rolling renewals as a bulk or automated process
  • Automatically track and report on key member and organisation interactions and history
  • Provide quick and flexible payment options for your members

Enable your members to self-service. They can apply for membership, update their own contact details, communication preferences, renewals and interests etc with our self-service portal


To improve member and team experiences you need to know how well all aspects of your service, processes and organisation are working. We can help you capture all the data you need and integrate all of your systems. With our versatile solution, you can have reporting that:

  • Includes everything from member financials, digital interactions, CPD to satisfaction surveys
  • Automatically tracks and measures the KPIs for your organisation with flagging options to prompt responsive actions
  • Presents in dashboard format options suitable for operational input or senior level reports
  • Cross references different data source patterns, enabling you to identify new opportunities and threats


Enabling your member profession

Your education, training and CPD programme is a key aspect of your member value proposition and ensures ongoing professional competence. Our solution ensures that you can easily manage every aspect and that your members fully engage with it.

  • Plan, design, deliver and quality assure all elements of your training and education programmes including accredited qualifications, courses, CPD and e-learning.
  • Support your members professional development by tracking and reporting on all CPD activities and attendance records; enabling you to direct them to relevant resources and CPD accredited services
  • Coordinate CPD programmes within your CRM or enable members to self-service with our CPD management portal
  • Support your training providers, promote new courses, keep them informed and easily manage auditing, examiners supervision, marking administration and certification
  • Ofqual compliant and E-commerce integration options


Direct Debit processing is vital to automating your financial processes which, when applied to renewals, will increase member retention and save you time and budget. Our solutions automate all collection processes, supporting:

  • Flexibility of payment plans, from simple annual or recurring monthly collections, to complex splits with up-front or last collection loaded amounts.
  • End-to-end bulk processing routines so you can manage your own Direct Debit processes within CRM
  • Third party platforms that automate the collection processes for you, with no intervention required once a subscription has been set-up
  • International Direct Debits
  • Integration to any website transactional journey or our ready-to-go own portals


Demonstrating an understanding the value of your members’ experience with you is a key to maintaining and improving engagement.

Our solution can track and report on every member interaction. The information consolidates into a member value statement that enables you to assess and monitor how beneficial a member or member segment finds your relationship with them.

  • Understand how successful your communications, products and services are in generating engagement
  • Tailor the value scoring system to suit you and automate the rules to add information to a member's value score
  • Rules can be automated based on their interactions with your organisation, or with any platform that you have.
  • A full API exists to allow external systems to add to this information, such as tracking member-only downloads from your website.
  • Present this information back to the member as part of a renewal process or within their self-service portal to help with engagement and retention


A common, flexible financial transaction approach underpins all of our solutions and ensures a smooth experience for both your members and internal teams. All financial transactions can be managed and processed directly within your CRM, whether they are membership related or link to other areas of your organisation.

  • Fee or invoice transactions can be processed for any requirement, with payments, credit notes and refunds linked against these.
  • Payment methods can be extended to integrate with all common payment gateways in a PCI compliant manner.
  • Direct Debit processes are supported for BACS bulk processing or automated payment collections through third parties.
  • Transaction level information can be integrated directly to the finance system for better reporting and insights.
  • Batched output available for integration into the finance system at a general ledger level.


Manage all your member events simply and efficiently from any location. Whether a one-hour breakfast session, webinar or a multi-day, multi-stream conference, our solution will help you coordinate every aspect of your event or course.

  • Integrated online self-service and automation features will save you time and budget whist providing your members with a personalised and streamlined booking experience.
  • Set event rates (based on membership eligibility) and discounts, take bookings, produce invoices and process payments and refunds for delegates.
  • Set a capacity limit for the event to ensure it is not oversubscribed and use automated waiting lists to ensure cancelled bookings will be reallocated.
  • Record all information related to event speakers in one place, including their speaking topic, abstract and time, expenses and accommodation details.
  • Manage actual and potential sponsotion volumes, view events members have registered an interest in, track CPD and the value of bookings per month and manage your daily tasks.
  • Allow a seamless end-to-end process and immediate access to membership discounts by extending the online booking journey to allow membership joining as part of the booking process.


Membership organisations generally understand the need for the CRM and website engagement platforms we provide.

However, often there aren’t the strategies in place to fully utilise them. Whether your focus is on retention, acquisition or both, you need a clear member marketing and communications strategy to inform and fully leverage the tools that deliver your member experience.

We can provide you with flexible, specialist membership marketing guidance on areas that you may struggle with resourcing internally, or would simply like a little extra guidance on.


Your venue needs to run as an efficient and successful hospitality business while also fulfilling the needs of your internal teams and members. Our Venue Hire solution will help you manage all aspects of you room management and bookings.


  • Create and manage all bookings for individuals or organisations. From a simple meeting in a room, to a multi-day booking with multiple rooms, setups and layouts.
  • Schedule , track and report on the slots with setup and ‘tear down’ times as well.
  • Booking management includes catering instructions, menus and technical and other add-ons. Send quotes, order documents, booking sheets and invoices on to the customer to complete the financial process and confirm the booking.
  • Manage rooms individually or combined into room groups, which easily link multiple rooms together into a single slot.
  • Set prices up based on rate types that are flexible, offer member discounts, and cater for Delegate Day Rate options.
  • Manage internal bookings using your intranet including automated room filtering and approval procedure options.


A key member benefit and engagement tool is your dedicated member portal.

Our platform means you can offer easy, secure access to important member information and resources. The self-service element provides a convenient way for members to interact with their professional community and manage their personal details and preferences. This enables you to grow engagement by offering a useful and personalised member experience. It also ensures you have accurate and up to date member data and saves you time and budget as it’s an efficient data collection method.

  • Facilitate collaboration and discussion with our community management option; members can securely network, join special interest groups (SIGS), connect and support each other
  • Encourage quicker renewals with the self-service and automation choices
  • Enable members to easily progress their training and career through tracking and managing their event, qualification and CPD booking and information
  • Provide members with access to the right resources at the right time, based on the profile data they can simply add and edit themselves
  • Improve and encourage the buying experience by providing personalised, quick e-commerce, payment and subscription options