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Donor experience matters

Our expertise and understanding, of the Charity and Not for Profit sectors, ensures we can support your mission, by optimising your fundraising, improving engagement with your donors and saving you money through greater efficiencies.

Whether you are a large or small charity, fundraising is becoming increasingly challenging with an unpredictable economy creating more competition for each pound, cuts to funding streams, increased regulations (such as GDPR) and higher donor expectations.

The only way your charity will thrive is by finding new ways to nurture your existing donors and attract new funds.  Our CRM and website solutions give you the insights and tools to easily develop innovative fundraising approaches, connect with those who most care about your cause and positively manage all your relationships (donor and beyond) through the seven steps of solicitation.

We will help you achieve your mission.

"Trillium really get that we are a charity. They recognise the high need to deliver value and understand our priorities."

Dan Pegler Head of Information Management & Technology Action on Hearing Loss