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dotdigital is one of the fastest growing marketing automation platforms with a singular focus on ease of use. Their straightforward editor and their excellent customer support ensures that your user experience takes precedence. That's why we, and our clients, love it.

Communicating effectively with your members, customers and donors sounds simple but we know how complicated it can be. dotdigital supports all your digital marketing needs through a range of features that put you in control and your members at the heart of your digital engagement strategy.

dotdigital's   ease of use and ability to integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365 is second to none and their service and support are first class. That's why dotdigital is our preferred marketing automation platform.

We will work with you to define the email marketing strategy that best leverages your CRM and digital assets, creating more engaging digital interactions. We'll support you through the entire process and work in collaboration with dotdigital to ensure your strategy gets delivered successfully.

Leverages your CRM and Digital assets to create more engaging digital interactions

Email marketing strategy

Targeted, planned, communications

Programme automation

Working even when you're not

Campaign creative & content

Outstanding, impactful design


Seamless user experience

Onboarding & Training

Easy, quick internal adoption

Support & management

Guidance and direction at every step

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