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Lisa Munroe
"Trillium always go the extra mile to understand how we work and have an exceptional level of technical expertise. However, it’s the support, for me personally as well as for the organisation, that makes them stand out from providers I’ve used before."

Lisa Munroe, Senior CRM Analyst, RCP


The Royal College of Physicians is a registered charity, run by doctors, that is wholly independent of political and government influence. This allows the college to act on health matters entirely based on evidence, lobby on public health issues, and advocate best healthcare practice on both the national and international level.


We recognised the problem

The experience of both donating to RCP and managing the donations was an onerous process. Our donors had to fill in and submit lengthy online forms. Our internal fundraising team had to input and manage each donation manually. This was all extremely time consuming, inefficient and expensive.

Due to the lack of CRM, website and finance platform integration, we had no single view of our donors. All the data was stored on spreadsheets and not GDPR compliant. There was no facility to track pledges and leads, process sales or do any form of meaningful donor nurturing.


Why we chose Trillium

We’re a complex organisation with lots of technology platforms, processes and priorities. Trillium have a strong knowledge and understanding of what we do, and most importantly, why we do things certain ways. It’s a 2-way partnership, a constant conversation which we hugely value.

Trillium have been our CRM (Dynamics 365) partner for over 6 years. We have a huge trust in them, developed over the years they have repeatedly proven their expertise in both the technology and the needs of the sector. We didn’t feel the need to complicate things by introducing a new supplier. Trillium were the obvious choice.


The Solution

Trillium helped us with the initial scoping and planning through a series of tailored workshops. They then pulled together a detailed design and implementation plan to build on existing CRM processes for managing opportunities. They customised these to produce a bespoke solution for taking donations and pledges.

The customisation includes new functionality to distinguish between multiple pledges vs donations by enabling unique views and dashboards. Efficiencies have been delivered through the addition of automated workflows for creating records in CRM and managing the donation or pledge opportunity process.


Key benefits

The key benefit is that we now have a single source of truth with regards to our donors and their activity. All the information now comes together in one place, so we have a single point of view of who is doing what, when and how. As the reporting is also now centralised, we are able to track what works (and what doesn’t) and gain insights to inform and shape future activity.

We can also track and report on when pledges are made. This means we can forecast our estimated revenue and plan accordingly. As our data is now centralised in CRM and no longer scattered across various sources, we can be confident that we are GDPR compliant. This is a tricky challenge for charities and therefore, a huge success for us.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Single view of our donors from all the touchpoints and interactions
  • Budget and time saved with integrated, automated online donation methods
  • Improved donor and internal user experiences