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Deborah Jarvis
"Trillium are experts at not only the technical aspects of what they do, but the business and people elements too"

Deborah Jarvis , Operations Director LCCI

Improving our teams’ user experience (to benefit our members’ experience)


The LCCI is London’s largest networking and business support organisation, with over 2,500 corporate members.

It represents the interests of thousands of companies, connecting businesses and people, and offer members a wide range of business services.

We recognised we had a challenge

Whilst both our CRM system and website had coped remarkably well, they were ‘end of life’ systems that were no longer fit for purpose.

We had several challenges:

  • Membership data was held in eight different systems.
  • Our business prospects system was separate from our CRM system.
  • Our website did not offer a personalised experience.
  • Our Marketing team needed a more effective way to track their campaigns.

We are the largest issuer in the UK providing documentation for permanent and temporary exports, embassy legalisation and notarisation, business visas and special certificates. This system had no integration with key systems, such as finance.

Enter Trillium

Trillium were the people we wanted to do business with:

  • They understood what membership organisations are about.
  • They looked to deliver not just what the customer wanted, but what the customer should want.

How Trillium will help transform our team's user experience

We will have one central CRM system that will seamlessly integrate with the website and export documents and finance systems. Our teams will experience a radical streamlining and automation of processes that will benefit us internally and will provide for a better, quicker and more efficient membership service.

Key performance indicators

  • They will be able to have a personalised experience on our website.
  • They will be able to connect with one another through the website.
  • They will have quicker document processing times.


The Trillium difference?

Trillium understand us and can quickly and efficiently review, digest and deliver solutions that encompass all challenges and empower internal users.

They are experts at not only the technical aspects of what they do, but the business and people elements too.

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About LCCI

Over 2,500 corporate members 

Hosts over 200 events each year

Policy and public affairs, export documentation, business advice, marketing and business services, new business opportunities including international trade missions

Membership fees range from £582 - £15,000 

"Trillium have a solution-seeking attitude. It’s very much ‘let’s sort this out’ in the room."