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Jon Buttolph
"(Our)Volunteers could see the email statistics of member engagement, which encouraged those who were slow to be convinced of the benefits of centralisation."

Jon Buttolph , Head of Membership & Professional Standards , CIEH

Justin Turner , Head of IT , CIEH
"On big projects, it’s really, really hard to find someone who does what they do, that mix of flexibility and reliability is rare."

Justin Turner , Head of IT , CIEH

How we centralised regional member events (without falling out with our Volunteers)


  • The CIEH was founded in the 1840 and is the professional voice for environmental health.
  • Provides information and policy advice to government, environmental and public health practitioners.


  • We had a problem with our CRM system
  • We brought Trillium in to look at our CRM database. They also carried out integration projects with our website, followed by a CRM upgrade.
  • They helped us introduce an event management system.

Our events booking system was not working

  • We run over 150 events annually, and our regional volunteers run their own events. However, because there was no common event booking system, we ran into issues.
  • There was not enough central coordination of events.
  • Our head office often didn’t know what was happening, and;
  • Diary clashes around head office and regional events.
  • Members called into our head office to ask about locally organised events, and the team were unaware.
  • The regions couldn’t tell who were members when booking events.
  • No website integration.


  • Trillium introduced our new event management system that integrated with our CRM and website.


  • Single source of CIEH event information.
  • Members can book events online, 24/7.
  • Members attending more than one event per quarter increased.

The Trillium difference?

  • It's a partnership.
  • I can chat with them and rely on them to say 'look, we'd love this piece of work, but we don't recommend it for the following reasons…'

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About CIEH 

The CIEH is a registered charity and the professional voice for environmental health.

  • 8,000 members
  • Membership magazine
  • Resources and forums online
  • Events and regional networking
  • Member-only events
  • £206 annual membership fee . Established in the 1840s

"I have a very high opinion of Trillium."