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Geoff Balmont
"Tech is tech - anyone can fix your CRM. You want someone who can fix your business problems. Someone like Trillium"

Geoff Balmont , CIO , Boundless

From 1923 to 2023

How removing digital boundaries reinvented our membership


Boundless was established in 1923 and helps Civil Servants and Public Sector workers get the most out of their free time, by providing unique experiences, things to do and exclusive savings to our members.


  • Our membership was aging, and the number of members falling.
  • Our image was old fashioned. Our website was ‘flat’ and dated.
  • The lack of personalisation and automation caused frustrations for many of our members, who prefer to book online.
  • It was poorly architected from the outset, the processes were difficult to evolve to support our changing business


Whilst we worked on the new brand (we used to be called Civil Service Motoring Association), Trillium worked in the background to help us to digitally transform, including the migration to a new CRM platform.

  • Reviewed our business processes end to end, and advised on which processes to retain, and which to re-engineer.
  • Created custom process dialogues to enable a higher volume of member services interactions over the phone.
  • Re-architected parts of Dynamics CRM as part of the wider upgrade from Dynamics CRM 2011 to 2015.
  • They took over responsibility for delivering the new website – a highly integrated Sitecore website.

Key Performance Indicators

  • New members joining us in 35-55 age category rose by 30% since the brand change / new website.
  • New members joining us rose by 18% in 2016.

The Trillium difference

They really do care. You can trust them. If they think a £100 solution is better for us than a £1,000 solution, they’ll tell us.They are also flexible – they delivered our new CRM platform and within 7 days started on the new, re-branded website.

Boundless logo

About Boundless

  • Over 50 big brand partners
  • Membership magazine
  • 236,000 members
  • £26 annual membership fee
  • Established 1923

"The overall membership experience is now a lot richer and integrated"